Over 400 bariatric cases performed per year
Bariatric surgeon ranked in top 5% in US (Association for Morbid Obesity Support)
Over 25 years experience in bariatric surgery
Experienced in revisions

Find out more about the American Society for Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence Accreditation

Patients can discover A New Life  through our interdisciplinary program developed for long-term success, including:

Bariatric surgery options: Lap Band, Gastric Bypass, Revisions.
Patient-Focused Bariatric Surgeon provides private consultation to each patient.
Specialized Hospital Bariatric Unit has dedicated facilities and staff.
Bariatric Education Seminars prepare patients for surgery and recovery as well as nutritional and behavioral keys to success.
Monthly Support Groups give on-going education and share in success stories.
Interdisciplinary Care Team includes bariatric trained registered nurses, registered dieticians, physical therapists, exercise instructors, and psychological counselors.
Bariatric Coordinator is an advocate coordinating between patients, insurance, surgeon, and hospital.
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